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Saviour Technologies System Pvt Ltd. CCTV Camera

Saviour Technologies Systems Pvt Ltd. is a wholesale distribution business providing complete range of Electronic security Systems CCTV Cameras, Biometric Time Attendance Machine all over India & Abroad. Security is the most important issue in the daily life as well as business world. People spent big amount of money to be secure. We know the value of your money and security as well. So welcome in the world of security named as Saviour Technologies System Pvt Ltd .

CCTV Camera,Biometric attendance System

We are the ISO certified company Incorporated in the year 2006, we are identified as reliable manufacturer, exporter and service provider of a CCTV Camera security and safety solutions to various industries. Besides offering a large number of safety solutions, We also offer various Security Solution softwares. Our product ranges covers a large spectrum that comprises of both hardware and software solutions to provide highest level of security.

Company's Main Products are Biometrics Time Attendance System, Finger Print Machine, Proximity Card Based Attendance Machine, Face ID machine, Time Office Sotware, Payroll Sosftware, ERP,Billing Software, CCTV Camera System, Switcher, Recorder, UTP Video Transceiver, Accessories, CCTV Camera Housing, Fire Alarm system.P.A. System, Intelligent System, Gas Extinguishing System, Box Speaker all security equpment.

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Saviour Technologies System Pvt.Ltd.

Is a professional , distinguieshed Distribution Company in the Electronics surveillance Industry. A leading company in the global industry for full range of CCTV Solutions Biometric Attendance System, Software & Website Development services Fire Alarm Systems, Time Attendance & Access Control Systems, P.A Systems.

And 24 hours & 365 days our technical team is looking for new products with latest technology ,fashion & design to meet the changing market requirements. If you would like to know more about our security equipment CCTV Cameras, and all cctv solution services Biometric Time Attendance Machine & Biometrics Access control System then please contact us with your specifications so that we can we can help you. Saviour Technologies System Pvt Ltd is committed in providing complete safety solutions and delightful services at reasonable rates.

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